The Training Cycle Model

Training Delivery

Consider room layout and equipment. Plan for unforeseen eventualities (E.G. Have a printout of slides as a backup should the projector fail).

Training should be led by experienced and skilled facilitators. It is essential that training sessions be regarded with a sense of reward and value.

Facilitators need to cater for different learning and communication styles in how they present.

At the Training Cycle we understand that people learn best when in a relaxed and focused state. We endeavour to facilitate delegates in realising learning points for themselves, wherever possible - rather than 'spoon-feeding' or lecturing.

Our Trainers consciously establish an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

They carefully manage the group process, enabling individuals to engage with the material and explore the edges of their comfort zones.

Our focus is on a facilitative, workshop style; providing opportunities for experiential learning with an emphasis on relating learning to real-life, daily practice.

We endeavour to make learning fun.

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